Laser epilation GentleLase PRO

The GentleLase is the world’s most advanced and versatile alexandrite laser. It is recommended as a device for permanent body and facial hair removal. Thanks to the use of modern technology, the GentleLase Laser gives very fast and satisfying results in the form of permanent hair reduction.

GentleLase is used for hair removal, including the treatment of hirsutism, as well as for the reduction of pigmentation and vascular lesions. The laser is distinguished by its double wavelength and high energy concentration. In addition, it has a high-tech DCD cooling system that minimises pain and the risk of side effects.

Key benefits of the GentleLase PRO laser


The effects of the laser are faster than in any other laser epilation device. Very importantly, the laser can be applied to all areas of the body, even the most delicate ones. Mostly. GentleLase is used to permanently remove hair from the arms, chest and abdomen area in men and the legs and arms in women.

Key benefits of the GentleLase PRO laser


Thanks to the advanced DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) cooling system, the risk of side effects is very low. Throughout the treatment, the system ensures the connectivity of the epidermis and protects the skin from overheating. The system also allows the treatment parameters to be adapted to all skin phototypes (I-IV).


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Ola Ciupa
Ola Ciupa
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„Moj ulubiony salon to Beauty Skin. Regularnie korzystam z zabiegów laserem Vectus – depilacji laserowej, która pozwala na stałe pozbyć sie owłosienia. Włosy z zabiegu na zabieg są coraz słabsze i nie ma problemu wrastających włosków.”

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Tomasz Ciachorowski
Tomasz Ciachorowski
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„Fajnie, że istnieją takie zabiegi jak w Beauty Skin, które są nieinwazyjne, a poprawiają wygląd i samopoczucie.” TV Zebrra


Leszek Stanek
Leszek Stanek
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„Przeświadczenie o medycynie skalpela odchodzi do lamusa, dziś można dbać o skórę zabiegami laserowymi i takie sobie chwalę, korzystając z nich w Beauty Skin” . TV Zebra

Actor, singer, choreographer, Asia Express contestant


BODY Epilation GentleLase PRO

Frequently asked questions by customers

Yes. Epilation (as opposed to hair removal) gives permanent results because the laser energy leads to the destruction of the hair follicles.

Contraindications to epilation include: pregnancy and lactation, isotretinoin treatment, tendency to scarring, hypersensitivity to light, active skin infections, epilepsy, herpes and fresh tan.


How does the GentleLase laser work?

The laser works by emitting pulses of energy which reach the tissues surrounding the hair shaft. The temperature increase in the hair follicle leads to its permanent destruction. The high energy concentration and highest peak power make the pulses short and precise, which is very important especially for light hair removal. Hair is removed quickly and permanently.

Laser epilation GentleLase PRO

Effects of epilation with the GentleLase PRO laser
GentleMax_gallery_ba_before_17 GentleMax_gallery_ba_after_17
gentlelase pachy przed gentlelase pachy po 1 zabiegu

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Epilacja laserowa w Beauty Skin włosy ciemne

Epilacja laserowa w Beauty Skin włosy blond


Price list

Hair removal, strongest alexandrite laser, dark and light hair

Area1 treatmentPackage of 4 treatmentsPackage of 6 treatments
Elbows (including knees)400 zł 290 zł*1600 zł 1000 zł*2400 zł 1450 zł*
Thighs500 zł 390 zł*2000 zł 1500 zł*3000 zł 2150 zł*
buttocks320 zł 250 zł*1280 zł 1000 zł*1920 zł 1250 zł*
Feet180 zł 140 zł* 720 zł 500 zł* 1080 zł 700 zł*
Whole legs800 zł 590 zł*3200 zł 2100 zł*4800 zł 3100 zł*
Arms290 zł1160 zł 900 zł*1740 zł 1250 zł*
Forearms280 zł1120 zł 900 zł*1680 zł 1250 zł*
Hands240 zł 960 zł 650 zł*1440 zł 900 zł*
Basic bikini (groin)250 zł 190 zł*1000 zł 750 zł*1500 zł 1000 zł*
Medium bikini (groin, pubic thigh)270 zł 210 zł*1080 zł 800 zł*1620 zł 1100 zł*
Women's full bikini (groin, pubic thigh, lips)300 zł 235 zł*1200 zł 900 zł*1800 zł 1250 zł*
Full male bikini (groin, pubic thigh, testicles)300 zł 235 zł*1200 zł 900 zł*1800 zł 1250 zł*
Women's deep bikini (groin, pubic thigh, lips, gluteal crevice)340 zł 265 zł*1360 zł 900 zł*2040 zł 1250 zł*
Male deep bikini (groin, testicles, gluteal crevice)340 zł 265 zł*1360 zł 1000 zł*2040 zł 1400 zł*
Gluteal crevice220 zł 160 zł*880 zł 600 zł*1320 zł 850 zł*
Armpits240 zł 165 zł*960 zł 550 zł*1440 zł 800 zł*
Back380 zł1520 zł 1200 zł*2280 zł 1500 zł*
Nape250 zł1000 zł 700 zł*1500 zł 1000 zł*
Chest350 zł1400 zł 1080 zł*2100 zł 1500 zł*
Belly350 zł1400 zł 1080 zł *2100 zł 1500 zł*
Belly line150 zł 110 zł*600 zł 400 zł*900 zł 500 zł*
Around the nipples150 zł 110 zł*600 zł 400 zł*900 zł 500 zł*
* promotions cannot be combined with other discounts
Sale is valid until 17 July.

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