Permanent hair removal

If you are fed up with the constant regrowth of hair and constant epilation, visit our clinic and learn about permanent hair removal treatment. Laser epilation will give you perfectly smooth skin permanently. Not only is it convenient as you don’t have to constantly invest in razors, depilatory patches or wax, but it also guarantees safety for your skin. Regular shaving irritates delicate skin, while permanent hair removal will give you perfectly smooth and healthy skin. Find out what laser epilation is and learn more about its benefits.

As the only Clinic in Europe, we have as many as 12 state-of-the-artepilation technologies.


Available treatments

Laser hair removal Laser Vectus

Laser epilation is a permanent hair removal treatment. With it, you can effectively and forever get rid of unwanted hair all over your body. The innovative technology of the Vectus Laser is a guarantee that the treatment is effective and safe without side effects, even if you have very sensitive skin. Only with us 2 Vectus lasers in 1 salon! Only with us 2 Vectus lasers in 1 salon! Trust the professionals, get a laser epilation treatment using a state-of-the-art laser.

Motus laser hair removal

Laser hair removal makes it possible to forget about daily hair removal, irritation and ingrown hairs for good. The Motus laser enables fast, painless and, most importantly, permanent hair reduction of the entire body or selected areas. Modern developments now make laser epilation an extremely safe and comfortable procedure. Properly conducted treatment makes the problem of body hair disappear for good.

Laser hair removal Laser Thunder MT

The Thunder MT laser is the latest and best technology on the market combining two light sources – an Alexandrite laser and an Nd:YAG laser. The possibility of using a single laser energy and MIXED technology maximises the effectiveness and safety of laser hair removal treatments. An intensive cooling system ensures maximum comfort of the treatment and best post-treatment effects. Thunder removes even very light hair and is safe on any skin phototype. 

GentleLase laser hair removal

Modern lasers remove hair quickly and painlessly. Currently, the most technologically advanced epilation device is the GentleLase Pro laser. It is an alexandrite laser that gives satisfactory results after the first treatment. Its effectiveness and safety are confirmed by numerous clinical studies. This technology is still little known in Poland and only the best clinics of medicine and aesthetic dermatology have it at their disposal.


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Ola Ciupa
Ola Ciupa
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"My favorite salon is Beauty Skin. I regularly use Vectus laser treatments - laser hair removal, which allows to get rid of hair permanently. The hair gets weaker and weaker from treatment to treatment and there is no problem of ingrown hairs."

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Tomasz Ciachorowski
Tomasz Ciachorowski
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"It's nice that there are treatments like those at Beauty Skin, which are non-invasive and improve the way you look and feel." Zebra TV


Leszek Stanek
Leszek Stanek
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"The belief of scalpel medicine is becoming a thing of the past, today you can take care of your skin with laser treatments and such I praise, using them at Beauty Skin ." TV Zebra

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Price list

The most advanced epilation device, every hair type and skin tone

1 treatmentPackage of 4 treatmentsPackage of 6 treatments
Elbows (incl. knees)750 zł 550 zł3000 zł 1400 zł4500 zł 2025 zł
Thighs1050 zł 650 zł4200 zł 1400 zł6300 zł 2025 zł
buttocks550 zł 450 zł2200 zł 950 zł3300 zł 1400 zł
Stopy200 zł 150 zł800 zł 400 zł1200 zł 600 zł
Whole legs1700 zł 830 zł6800 zł 2700 zł10200zł 3400zł
Arms550 zł 410 zł2200 zł 950 zł3300 zł 1400zł
Forearms450 zł 350 zł1800 zł 900 zł2700 zł 1200 zł
Hands300 zł 250 zł1200 zł 550 zł1800zł 850zł
Basic bikini (groin)550 zł 390 zł2200 zł 800 zł3300 zł 1200zł
Medium bikini (groin, pubic thigh)580 zł 420 zł2320 zł 950 zł3480 zł 1350 zł
Women's full bikini (groin, pubic thig, lips)600 zł440 zł2400 zł 1050 zł3600 zł 1500 zł
Full male bikini (groin, pubic thig, testicles)600 zł 440 zł2400 zł 1050 zł3600 zł 1500 zł
Women's deep bikini (groin, pubic thigh, lips, gluteal crevice)800 zł 550 zł3200 zł 1350 zł4800 zł 1800 zł
Male deep bikini (groin, testicles, gluteal crevice)800 zł 550 zł3200 zł 1350 zł4800 zł 1800 zł
Gluteal crevice400 zł 300 zł1600 zł 600 zł2400zł 900 zł
Armpits500 zł 360 zł2000 zł 950 zł3000 zł 1200 zł
Back700 zł 570 zł2800 zł 1400 zł4200 zł 1800 zł
Nape500 zł 400 zł2000 zł 700 zł3000 zł 1100 zł
Chest750 zł 560 zł3000 zł 1300 zł4500 zł 1700 zł
Belly750 zł 560 zł3000 zł 1300 zł4500 zł 1700 zł
belly line550 zł 300 zł2200 zł 600 zł3300 zł 900 zł
Around the nipples350 zł 230 zł1400 zł 600 zł2100 zł 900 zł

Laser Epilation

Frequently asked questions

Laser hair removal treatment involves the removal of unwanted hair using a laser light beam that penetrates deep into the skin and damages hair follicles very quickly. At the same time, laser hair removal also removes the roots of the follicles, ensuring that hair will not grow back for a long time. This is one type of hair removal – along with IPL hair removal.

The mechanism of action of laser hair removal is extremely simple. The light beam reaches the hair follicles, where it is absorbed by melanin – there it is converted into thermal energy, so it can destroy the follicles irreversibly in the process of selective photo-thermolysis. This is followed by a process of coagulation of the hair’s stem cells. In order for laser hair removal to be effective, it will be necessary to properly select the power of the light – it will vary depending on the color of the hair (which is affected by the amount of melanin present in the cells).

Before laser hair removal is started, it will be necessary to consult a cosmetologist. He will assess the condition of hair, type and type of skin, as well as conduct a thorough interview. The effectiveness of the hair removal treatment depends on such information – the correct choice of light power will ensure the effective destruction of hair follicles.

  • For a minimum of two weeks before (and one week after) the procedure, avoid tanning (natural and in tanning beds), as well as the use of chemical peels,
  • Before and after treatments, deodorants, perfumes and other types of substances that can act as an irritant may not be used on the area subjected to depilation,
  • immediately before undergoing the procedure, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as herbal supplements, must not be used.

Keep in mind that swollen and reddened skin after the procedure, is quite normal. This effect should subside after 1-3 days. Other side effects, such as the formation of scars or the development of skin infections after the procedure, are rare.

In general, four treatments will be sufficient – the laser light destroys cells that are in the growth phase, so repeated treatment will ensure the highest effectiveness of hair removal. The recommended number of treatments for permanent laser hair removal results, however, can range from two to six.

Although the mechanism of laser hair removal may seem a bit drastic, it is actually extremely gentle on our skin. It certainly causes less irritation than waxing or traditional razors. For this reason, laser hair removal can be used on:

  • mustache,
  • hands,
  • legs,
  • armpits,
  • bikinis.

Many ladies are determined to undergo laser hair removal in the bikini area, even more so before the summer season. The choices in this case are:

  • French depilation – this involves removing hair from the groin and along the underwear line,

  • Brazilian hair removal (otherwise known as deep bikini), which is the removal of any hair in the bikini area.

Before a series of laser hair removal treatments are performed, it will be necessary to have a consultation with a dermatologist, who will assess the condition of the skin in these extremely sensitive areas on the body. After laser hair removal in the intimate area or other parts of the body, it is necessary to use a special lotion or salve, containing dexpanthenol or allantoin. This will help alleviate any resulting irritation.

Laser hair removal differs significantly from older methods mainly in the permanence of the results having to do with the thermal destruction of hair follicles, which prevents their regrowth. Modern laser technology undoubtedly wins out over the need for frequent shaving with a razor or painful hair removal with sugar paste or wax, the results of which are short-lived and require constant repetition. Laser hair removal is offered at a number of clinics, so this procedure can be performed at your convenience.

There are some contraindications to undergoing laser hair removal. Among them are pregnancy, irritation and damage to the epidermis in the areas to be treated, as well as if you have a fresh tan. You also can’t immediately start tanning after depilation, so the best time to do it would be the turn of winter and spring. Conditions contraindicating laser hair removal include blistering skin diseases, skin allergies, diabetes and psoriasis.

The risk of side effects will vary depending on hair color, skin type, adherence to pre- and post-treatment instructions. The most common side effects may include:

  • pigment change – laser hair removal can either lighten or darken the treated area. Such changes can be either permanent or temporary. Skin lightening mainly affects those who will not avoid sun exposure before or after the procedure, as well as those with darker skin,
  • Skin irritation – swelling, redness and temporary discomfort. Any symptoms usually disappear within a few hours.

In rare cases, laser hair removal can contribute to blistering, scabbing, scarring or other changes in skin texture. Other rare side effects may include excessive hair growth around the depilated areas or graying of hair.

Depilation done by home methods or the need for frequent shaving can be a nuisance. It is necessary to repeat such treatments frequently, they are impermanent, and not infrequently our skin may react to them in an inappropriate way – with irritation and dryness, unsightly rancor, ingrown hairs, irritation and dryness.

With the great possibilities that laser hair removal has, we can forget about the above difficulties. A few visits to the clinic and a series of systematic treatments will allow us to enjoy non-irritated, smooth skin for a long time and forget once and for all about problematic hair removal at home.

Despite the fact that laser hair removal treatments have been performed for decades, many of us are skeptical about them. We fear pain, burns or permanent discoloration. Let’s be mindful to undergo such procedures only in reputable clinics, where you can count on the professional approach of qualified staff. This will make the procedure a pleasant memory, while the result will be a skin free of unwanted hair.

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