Facial care and cleansing

Daily home facial care is not always effective in improving the condition of our skin. Specialists from Beauty Skin Clinics in Warsaw and Radom invite you for specialist cosmetic procedures aimed at deep and mechanical face cleansing. Learn about effective exfoliation and pore reduction methods that will produce visible skin improvement results – removing imperfections, brightening and firming the skin, and even achieving some facial rejuvenation.


Available treatments

Retises CT chemical peel

Chemical peeling Retises CT Retinol Yellow Peel acting on the basis of 3 components in the form of vitamin A, ascorbyl glucoside and vitamin B3, is a complex agent for fighting skin problems, including: hyperpigmentation, as well as photoageing processes which have already occurred on the skin surface.
When applied to the surface, the scrub stimulates the skin to exfoliate itself, thus revealing fresh layers of epidermis, making the skin look significantly less tired and also significantly refreshed.

DermaQuest pore reduction

DermaQuest pore reduction is a treatment that will leave your complexion smooth and uniform. Dilated pores are a problem for both men and women, so Beauty Skin clinic has prepared special treatments that will effectively and safely reduce the pores on your face. According to our customer reviews, the DermaQuest pore tightening treatment visibly improves the appearance of the skin and gives it a healthy appearance. The specialists at our clinic recommend the DermaQuest treatment to all people who want to get rid of unsightly, porous skin.

GENEO+ Innovative skin care

The Geneo treatment is a revolutionary way to exfoliate the skin, guaranteed to rejuvenate, refresh and improve firmness. The innovative facial skin care with Geneo was inspired by the hot springs of crystal clear water. The uniqueness of the treatment lies in the use of air bubbles enriched with a very high concentration of carbon dioxide, which has a positive effect on the skin. CO2, which acts on the top surface of the skin, stimulates the movement of oxygen. This effect is known as the ‘greenhouse effect’. Bohr effect.

PRO XN antioxidant therapies

PRO XN’s proprietary treatments are modulated therapies that restore proper skin physiology. PRO XN uses the most powerful antioxidant yet discovered
In the form of Xanthohumol complex. It exhibits antioxidant activity 30 times stronger than vitamin C and 200 times stronger than resveratrol. Depending on the level of action, the treatments seal the hydro-lipid barrier, reduce acne or have a biorevitalizing effect on the skin.

PRO XN - therapies against hyperpigmentation

The PRO XN brand has developed a line of products and Proprietary Therapeutic Programs so as to nullify hyperpigmentation in a comprehensive manner. Modulated brightening therapies, the level and intensity of which are individually selected depending on the skin’s baseline condition, degree of cellular damage and lifestyle.

Zaffiro facial thermolifting

The Zaffiro treatment is dedicated to everyone who would like to improve the condition of their facial skin. Thermolifting performed with the device will make the skin thicker and considerably firmer.
The Zaffiro treatment is an innovative technology dedicated to both women and men who want to keep their skin looking young. According to specialists, Zaffiro is able not only to firm and thicken the skin, but also to get rid of already existing wrinkles and imperfections.


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Ola Ciupa
Ola Ciupa
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"My favorite salon is Beauty Skin. I regularly use Vectus laser treatments - laser hair removal, which allows to get rid of hair permanently. The hair gets weaker and weaker from treatment to treatment and there is no problem of ingrown hairs." www.ibeauty.pl

Model, presenter of 4fun.tv

Tomasz Ciachorowski
Tomasz Ciachorowski
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"It's nice that there are treatments like those at Beauty Skin, which are non-invasive and improve the way you look and feel." Zebra TV


Leszek Stanek
Leszek Stanek
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"The belief of scalpel medicine is becoming a thing of the past, today you can take care of your skin with laser treatments and such I praise, using them at Beauty Skin ." TV Zebra

Actor, singer, choreographer, Asia Express contestant



Price list
Treatment1 treatmentSet of 3 treatments
I degree - face + neck600 zł 440 zł1800 zł 1170 zł
II degree - Face + neck700 zł 490 zł2100 zł 1350 zł
IIi degree - Face + neck (treatment combined with the Dermapen 4.0 microneedling technology)1900 zł 1100 zł5700 zł 2900 zł
ACNE Rescue treatment - Face + neck800 zł 490 zł2400 zł 1350 zł
Xantohumol Recovery Treatment (face + neck) - after another surgical procedure600 zł 350 zł-

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