Scars and stretch marks

Scars and stretch marks are defects that are not always under our control. Pregnancy and acne are only two, however the main, sources of these unsightly looking changes. Slight stretch marks and small scars can be easily covered up, but when they cover a large area of the body or face it is not feasible. These defects then lower self-confidence, take away from well-being, and often make the female gender not feel feminine. If the problem of scars or stretch marks concerns you, come to our Clinic and a team of specialists will choose the appropriate method to remove these changes. We offer high quality laser therapy using iPixel and PicoClear lasers


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Ola Ciupa
Ola Ciupa
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„Moj ulubiony salon to Beauty Skin. Regularnie korzystam z zabiegów laserem Vectus – depilacji laserowej, która pozwala na stałe pozbyć sie owłosienia. Włosy z zabiegu na zabieg są coraz słabsze i nie ma problemu wrastających włosków.”

Model, presenter of

Tomasz Ciachorowski
Tomasz Ciachorowski
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„Fajnie, że istnieją takie zabiegi jak w Beauty Skin, które są nieinwazyjne, a poprawiają wygląd i samopoczucie.” TV Zebrra


Leszek Stanek
Leszek Stanek
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„Przeświadczenie o medycynie skalpela odchodzi do lamusa, dziś można dbać o skórę zabiegami laserowymi i takie sobie chwalę, korzystając z nich w Beauty Skin” . TV Zebra

Actor, singer, choreographer, Asia Express contestant



Available treatments

Scars and stretch marks removal iPixel

Removal of scars and stretch marks with iPixel laser involves the creation of micro-punctures on the skin, thanks to which it gains the ability to self-regenerate and rebuild. As a result, the skin is smooth, devoid of not only stretch marks but also scars, and additionally beautifully modeled. The parts of the body treated with the laser are nourished and look younger. The innovative iPixel laser belongs to the Alma Harmony XL PRO platform, and the treatment with its use belongs to resurfacing and photorejuvenation techniques.

Removal of scars and stretch marks with PicoClear

PicoClear is a device used both to remove scars and stretch marks, but also to eliminate wrinkles, discoloration, fine lines and enlarged pores. The treatment involves transmitting microbeams of light deep into the skin to destroy cellular deposits, replacing them with regenerated tissue. As a result, the skin is smooth, free of any defects or lesions and has an even skin tone. An additional advantage of the PicoClear treatment is its simultaneous effectiveness and safe effect even on sensitive skin.

Virtue RF - stretch mark reduction

Virtue RF is a platform that combines micropuncture technology with bipolar RF. It is a state-of-the-art device that during one procedure stimulates, cellular processes to regenerate, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars, and thickens and firms the skin. Delivered to the desired depth, the radio wave energy stimulates fibroblasts to remodel collagen and elastin.

Carboxytherapy - Julie

Carboxytherapy uses CO2, which damages fat cells, has a beneficial effect on microcirculation and oxygenation of cells and elimination of toxins. This improves skin condition, accelerates metabolism which promotes cellulite reduction and hair follicles strengthen. In addition, scars and stretch marks are shallowed. The innovative mechanism of double gas heating significantly reduces pain sensations during the treatment.


Price list

Laser reduction of the appearance of scars and stretch marks on the body

area from 200zł*
* Price determined individually during a free consultation

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